Friday, April 2, 2010

Viral goats

Leap of faith

You never know what is going to going to catch someone's eye. This photo is from Goat Lick Overlook in Glacier National Park, called that because goats go there to lick the rocks for the minerals. The mother was leading the kid along the cliff face to the mineral lick, and kid had to jump across a small gap. It thought over the jump carefully before proceeding giving me a lot of time to get ready. It is an okay shot, but could be better, especially a longer lens would be nice.

For some reason, this got picked up by someone on Digg. I check my viewing stats on Flickr from time to time, and it was a shock to watch a photo that had about 1000 views get 40,000 in one day. I still don't know why this became as popular, and I agreed with the commenters that it was not clear why this deserved to be Dugg, though some of the comments were nastier than was needed. For brief and shining moment I had a taste of my media going viral, and, I have to confess that I enjoyed it while it lasted.

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