Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Even when enjoying the view, keep an eye on the details

Scarlet and yellow columbine with guest

As a parallel discussion to my previous post on being sure to keep a broader view, the converse is just as true. In this case, I was outside Glacier National Park, the columbines were blooming, and the cottonwood trees were shedding their seeds, so everything was coated with a coating of down. It was was a striking scene and I thought this particular variant was stunning.

It is easy to become so enamored by a situation that it can cause you miss important details. Some are only interesting, others may be remarkably important. In the case of this photo, if you were a bee or other pollenating insect, a small detail could be a matter of life and death. Look closely in the flower. If you don't see anything, view the photo larger on the flickr page. So when you are drawn into a situation, be sure to keep an eye out for important details, both for potential threats, but also the opportunities.

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