Sunday, May 9, 2010

Keeping a broader view even when focusing on a subject

seagull and opera house

This is another "almost right" shot that I have from my photostream. There is nothing wrong with the picture. We were in Sydney on the ferry from Circle Quay to the Toronga Zoo. We passed the Opera House and was taking pictures as we went by. This gull was drifting along side almost within touching distance of the side of the boat. So, I took a picture and missed the one I should taken.

I have this thing about photographing animals. If there is animal within camera shot that is what I am thinking about photographing. This is one of those cases where I missed the bigger opportunity because of it. My personal depth-of-field was not set nearly as wide as the camera's. If I had been keeping my eyes wide open, I would have seen it. The classic B-horror/sci-fi shot of an giant animal over a major landmark. If I had dropped down and moved a bit to my left I could have filled the sky with the giant gull as it searched the grounds of the opera house for its next victims. As it is, it is a adequate shot of a gull, and you know where it was taken. If I had kept just a little bit of my thinking on the look out for the possibilities, it could have been so much more.

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