Friday, May 7, 2010

One perfect moment

Macaws in flight

Photography is living life 1/250 of a second at a time (or whatever your shutter speed is). There is nothing more rewarding than catching the image you are seeing the way you want to remember it. This is one of those cases. We were at staying at an animal sanctuary on the Golfo Dulce in Costa Rica. One of the specialties of the facility is rainbow macaw rehab. They had several mated pairs that had developed their attachment after their rescues. They would at least twice a day, once just after sunrise, and then in the late afternoon, take a paired flight over their territory.

It is a spectacular thing to watch. These rainbows of color flying in synchrony. It is hard to miss. For along with the aerial show, is an incredibly loud set of calls, especially in the dawn flight (there is no sleeping late in Costa Rica).

I tried several times to get this right. I had my zoom out to the max, and it still was not enough. I had to crop it to get the composition I wanted, and play with the pulling detail from the shadows. It is not a perfect photo, but it was taken at the perfect moment.

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