Sunday, March 28, 2010

You can't go back again

Wish I was here

This photo has been used in many places around the web: travel sites about Costa Rica, people dreaming about a vacation, people just dreaming. It was a place to relax and wait for the monkeys come and nap with you or, more likely, flip you out. I love to look at the photo and dream, but the thing is, when I was there, I couldn't sit still long enough to enjoy this. There were things I had never seen before behind every tree, and sitting still while that was happening seemed a waste. For me this was the ideal place, half accommodations, half wildlife rehab facility/sanctuary. Happily for the animals, the Crews have been able focus entirely on the wildlife mission through the Fundacion Santuario Silvestre de Osa . Sadly, for us, we can't go spend another week with the animals, having breakfast with monkeys and macaws. Still, the Crews have used my photos in many of the promotional materials, I wonder if they would take me on as a volunteer photographer for a week some January or February?

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